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Print and mail your fund application.

If you prefer to mail your application or fund your application by check, please follow the instructions below.

Print the application

Please provide your email address and click the button below to open up an Adobe Acrobat PDF of the application. You will need to print out and sign the application.

Mail the application

Please send your completed application in an envelope addressed to:

Motley Fool Funds
P.O. Box 9780
Providence, RI 02940-9780

If you are funding your application by check, include your check in the same envelope (the minimum investment amount is $500).

Watch your mailbox for account information

After we have received and processed your application, keep an eye out for a new account confirmation delivered by postal mail. If there are any issues to address first, our team will contact you.

Everything you need to get started ...

  • Your Social Security number.
  • Your bank information (a check or deposit slip has everything you need).
  • A residential address that is not a P.O. box.
  • A recent broker statement (if you are rolling over an IRA).
  • Social Security numbers and addresses for your beneficiaries (for IRAs only).

Have a question?

Just call one of our customer care Fools at 1-888-863-8803.

This Is a Secure Application